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Equal opportunities taste sweet at Nevada restaurant

Everyone deserves the chance to experience the fulfillment of a vocation, regardless of age, gender or background and husband and wife duo Walter and Judy Gloshinski believe that disability shouldn't stand in the way of having an occupation.

The couple, from Reno, Nevada, felt that there was not enough in the way of education and schooling for children with disabilities in the area, so when Walter left his job as a teacher last year, he and his wife launched Smiling With Hope Pizza. The restaurant offers training and employment for individuals who might have otherwise struggled to find a job.

"We did it because it needed to be done," Walter said, "There are no jobs out there for these kids, so they are being prepared for nothing."

The Gloshinskis took out a $300,000 loan to get the idea off the ground, and the restaurant has been so successful that on one occasion, they had to close early due to an unexpected surge of customers clearing them out of dough. While the restaurant currently employs two disabled staff members, Smiling With Hope Pizza hopes to expand in the future, and open up further positions.

"We train people in hands-on work skills," Walter explained, "Mt goal is to create sustainable lives for our trainees, our employees. Here, they don't feel disabled."


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