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Unusual Friendship Springs From Brazilian Widower’s Act Of Kindness

When Joao Periera de Souza saved the life of a penguin in 2011, he didn’t anticipate the beautiful friendship that would blossom from his kind act.

Mr de Souza, a widower and retired bricklayer from a remote fishing village on the Brazilian island of Ilha Grande, discovered the bird, sickly and covered in oil on the beach next to where de Souza raises chickens.

After aiding the penguin, named JinJing, de Souza did not expect to see him again, but Jinjing frequently returns to spend time with de Souza.

“He took a drink of water and then came back onto the beach. So I gave him three more sardines and that was it,” said de Souza.

JinJing often leaves for a few months, typically between February and June, but always returns to de Souza, and the two can frequently be seen strolling along the water’s edge together, or in the sea swimming. 

“When he returns, he’s so happy to see me,’ de Souza explained, ‘he comes up to my neck and hoots.’

Watch de Souza and Jinjing’s special friendship below.


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