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Texas Lecturer Gives A Lesson In Multitasking

Juggling motherhood with studying can be a real challenge at the best of times, not the least when childcare plans fall through. After being let down at the last minute by her baby sitter, full time college student, wife and mother Katy Humphrey chose to bring her four month old baby daughter Millie to class with her rather than miss the lecture.

However, not long into the 60 minutes session, little Millie began to get agitated on the front row of the room. Not to be deterred by the disrtubance, professor Darryn Wiloughby swooped in to the rescue and soother Humphrey's baby by radling her for the rest of the class, while continuing to teach the students.

Wiloughby, who is also a professional body builder alongside his teaching role at Baylor University, Texas, might not fit the most obvious description of Mary Poppins, but he certainly proved he was more than qualified for the job, "i carried her around for almost an hour and she was totally content," explained Wiloughby, "we never heard a peep out of her the entire class."

 Wiloughby said he didn't want Humphrey to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in the class, and would repeat his actions again in a heartbeat. 


Wiloughby and Millie lead the lecture

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