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Hundreds of Adoption Offers Flood In To Rescue Philadelphia Shelter Dog

We’re all familiar with the expression "puppy dog eyes", but one dog in particular has captured the hearts of many in Philadelphia. A photo of the pup, named March, spread across the internet in a plea to find him a permanent home. March was pictured hunched over and staring sadly into the wall at a shelter. The emotional image went viral, catching the attention of dog lovers across the country, and bringing in  hundreds of dollars in donations.

Dovon Collins of ACCT Philly, the shelter home that cared for March, was stunned with the attention the photo received, saying “It was amazing to see the outpouring and to see that number of people that cared about March and other animals like him. With all the crazy things going on in the world, it gave me some hope in humanity.”

March had only been staying at ACCT Philly for a short period as a stray, having been rescued on a back porch of an ally before being taken in by the shelter. At first March was described as a sweet and friendly dog, but unfortunately kennel life didn’t suit the pooch, and he soon became depressed and withdrawn. Collins took action in the hope of finding March a home and took the photo to post online.

Once the photo of March was on the internet, the response was overwhelming, with ACCT Philly received hundreds of emails pleading to adopt March, offering him a new, safe forever home.

 Alongside the numerous offers to give March a permanent residence, Collins has received many more donations from the public and is now using the funds to help save other shelter dogs in need.   
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