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Michigan Girl Shown Kindness By Literary Community After Accident

Avid reader Heidi VanSumeran was left devastated after losing her book collection in a tragic fire at her family’s home in Parma, Michigan. Thanks to a collection of authors, illustrators and librarians across the country, she received hundreds of new books to refill her home and enjoy.

In plea to help 8 year old Heidi, children’s author and illustrator Bob Shea who had met the girl previously, took to Twitter writing, “A little girl @colbysharp’s school had her house burn down this past Monday. Her name is Heidi. She lost all her books. Let’s send her some”.

The word quickly spread, and floods of donations of books were sent into the school for Heidi, including from renowned cartoonist Jamie Cosley and author Julie Falatko. Her family were overwhelmed with the generosity, with her mother Beth VanSumeren saying, “It’s so nice for your child to see that even when something bad happens, there’s hope”.

Once the books were in Heidi’s reach, she took to social media herself with a message thanking Bob Shea on her elementary school’s Twitter account. Touched by Heidi’s gratitude, Shea responded “Okay. I’m a little crying, but it’s probably allergies or this raw onion on my keyboard.”

Have a listen to Heidi's sweet thank you message below!


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