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Young Texas Entrepreneur Making The World Sweeter With Lemonade

We all hope of becoming successful in whatever career path we choose, but when 11 year old Mikaila Ulmer’s business idea hit the big time, she was determined to give something back.

After hearing about the important role honeybees played in the ecosystem, and the plight they faced, Mikaila, from Austin, decided to add locally-sourced honey to her great grandmother Helen’s Flaxseed Lemonade recipe. She could then sell the lemonade, donating a percentage of the profit to groups around the world who are acting to help protect the dwindling bee population.

Naming her creation BeeSweet, Mikaila soon attracted a business investment of $60,000, and has even secured a contract with a large food store with her grandmother’s secret recipe.

BeeSweet is now sold are a growing range of stores and eateries, and on top of her environmental contributions, Mikaila is also inspiring her classmates to take a turn at entrepreneurial ventures of their own, “At first they didn’t believe me,” said Mikaila, “Now I am helping my friends start their own business.”

Watch the video below to hear more about how Mikaila and her lemonade are helping keep the balance in our ecosystem!


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