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We all know that as the winter nights draw in and the woolly sweaters return, the desire to eat salads and go for that morning run can become less and less appealing. Let’s face it, no one enjoys a jog in the rain and a cosy night in is made immeasurably better by a few naughty sweet treats!

When it comes to keeping children healthy in the winter similar issues can arise. Throughout the summer months little ones can spend their days running around all day in the sun, but the winter can mean they spend more in front of the TV or playing computer games.

So what can be done to keep little ones healthy during the winter months? Here are our top tips:


  • Swap sugary snacks for chopped fruit or yoghurt. If you cut fruit into small segments, children will find them easier and more fun to eat!
  • Take up winter sports! Sports like Ice-skating and Ice-hockey are such good fun and are great to keep energetic children active in winter.
  • Walk to school! Not only does walking to and from school give you and your little ones active, but it’s great for the environment too. And don’t forget to have your Heat Holders Long socks for Children to keep their tootsies warm when they are out and about!
Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 07 October, 2014 children, cold, healthy, Heat Holders, school, snow, USA, warmth, weather, winter, wool socks |
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