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Gift Warmth this Winter!

It is “that” time of the year when we put on our thinking hats and try to come up with a gift for those we love. It isn’t easy…Our customers tell us that Heat Holders® make their gift giving easy and very special.

Heat Holders® aren’t just a pair of socks, they are a gift of warmth. The winters in North America are severe to say the least. Before Heat Holders®, we would layer up. Have two or three pairs of cotton socks on at once and even that didn’t help.

Now my daughter wears them every day inside the house. She has a color for each day of the week! My wife suffers from Raynaud’s and if she isn’t wearing her Heat Holders® indoors or outdoors her toes turn blue and she has excruciating pain!

Heat Holders® just work to keep us warm. Below are some of the reviews our customers have sent us.

The Husband!

My wife's feet were always cold. Bought Heat Holders as Christmas gift and they worked, kept her feet warm! Recently bought more, she is going to give as gifts to our daughters and a friend of hers. By James P.

The Son!

Dad reports that he loves the socks. Fit and feel great and are very warm. By Wayne B.




Posted by Ajay R on 10 October, 2014
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