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Winter Clothing and You!

As temperatures begin to drop, winter clothing has hit the shelves at most major retailers. As I write the temperature outside is a chilly 39.2F. Brrrrr…In days past, we relied on sweaters, jackets, inners etc. to keep us warm. We never really had socks designed to take on the extreme winter temperature though, well there were those that claimed to be warm, but didn’t measure up to what is available now! It is a well known fact that our extremities get cold first and keeping them warm can keep our body warm.

Heat Holders® were designed to be the warmest socks available. Cashmere like soft acrylic yarn, an extra long loop thermal pile knitted on specially designed patent pending machinery and an intensely brushed inner, as soft as a baby’s bottom!

This three stage process works to retain warm air closer to your skin for longer, keeping you warm and comfortable in the cold winter weather. Allowing you to enjoy winter sports and activities, festivals and celebration.

The great thing about Heat Holders® is that they keep you warm both inside and outside the house. We make them in various styles and patterns and even have a slipper version with rubber grips on the bottom for in home use.

Using the same simple principle of insulation our team has designed Tights, Leggings, Hats, Gloves and more.

Make Heat Holders® a part of your winter essentials, stay warm and comfortable this winter.




Posted by Ajay R on 11 October, 2014 Heat Holders, warm feet, winter clothing |
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