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Your Guide To A Spooky Halloween!

Trick or treating, carving pumpkins and fancy dress- what’s not to love? We’ve come up with this handy guide, packed full of ideas to make sure your Halloween is as fun-filled as possible!

Homemade fancy dress ideas:

  • Gloves make great... Deer Antlers! Stuff a pair of brown gloves with cotton wool and sew onto a headband!
  • An umbrella makes… A bat costume! Break a black umbrella into thirds and use two of the thirds to make bat wings! Sew them onto a black top for an instant impressive costume!
  • Paper towels make… A mummy! Pretty obvious this one but seriously, most economical Halloween costume ever?

Simple spooky recipes:

Here are some super easy ways to creep up your food this Halloween-

  • Chocolate dipped ghouls!
    Everyone loves strawberries and chocolate right? Add some Halloween to this classic by dipping some in white chocolate and painting on some frightening faces! Simple and effective.
  • Spider Biscuits!
    Spook up some shop-bought chocolate biscuits by adding some spider legs! Secure chopped liquorice strings to the sides of the biscuits and paint on some icing sugar eyes… little monsters will love them!
  • Googly Hot Chocolate!
    Ghoul up your post-trick or treating hot chocolate with some spooky (and delicious) ghost eyes. Use chocolate chips or icing sugar to create eyes with some white marshmallows. So quick and easy and so much fun.


We hope these tips are helpful! Halloween is always a great excuse to get outside and for an evening of ghoulish fun, but sometimes the excitement can be surpassed by the horror of… cold feet!  Cold feet are not only uncomfortable, but they can in fact make us miserable and decrease our productivity.  Extreme cold can cause chilblains and even frostbite in very low temperatures. But you don’t have to turn into a monster this Halloween, because we have a simple solution… Heat Holders socks!

Heat Holders sock combine the best thermal technology to ensure that you never have to suffer the discomfort of cold feet again.  They really can make a massive difference to your comfort and warmth levels during the colder months and are perfect for work activities or just keeping warm around the home.  These super socks are not only a fantastic example of thermal technology, they look great too! With separate ranges for men and women, as well as for little feet, Heat Holders come in a massive array of colours and styles.

Heat Holders are the perfect accompaniment for a fun-filled Halloween with all of the ghostly thrills, but none of those winter chills.




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