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National Sleep Comfort Month

Do you struggle to get a good night sleep on a regular basis? Are you finding yourself feeling sleepy and fatigued at work? Many people find this year - round and with all the pressures we have on a day to day to basis, sleep generally comes last on our list of priorities. When really, sleep should be top priority. November is National Sleep Comfort Month which should bring sleep to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Here at Heat Holders, we think it’s important that everyone has a great night sleep so you feel fresh and excited for each day ahead!

We had a look at the best ways to really get a good night’s sleep and how to make sure you sleep the whole night through.

  • Have warm feet! Did you know there is scientific evidence that warming your feet at bedtime helps you fall asleep faster. Studies have found that cold feet affect our sleep patterns. Scientists at Basel University, Switzerland, have found that ‘warm feet promote the rapid onset of sleep,’ thus Heat Holders offer a straightforward and cost effective solution to help stop people tossing and turning whilst trying to drift off to sleep.


  • Cutting down on caffeine after 5pm is one way of ensuring you have a soundless snooze. Carbohydrates and sugar should also be cut back on in the evenings as these are broken down into fuel, boosting your sugar levels, which gives you a boost of energy that isn’t going to help you relax and sleep.


  • The winter months mean our bodies are lacking in Vitamin D, an essential for our bodies to beat fatigue. It is recommended by many Doctors to take a supplement (Vitamin D or Spirolina) during the winter months to help boost the thyroid gland that regulates hormones including melatonin for sleep.


  • Exercise is key in helping your body unwind and feel relaxed, perfect for trying to sleep. So there is no point in exercising just before bed as your body will be pumped full of adrenalin making it difficult for your body to unwind. Try to plan your exercise so it’s a couple of hours before bed to ensure you manage to relax enough for sleep.


  • Having a bedtime routine ensures your body is familiarised every day with the process of going to sleep. An hour before bed wind down the technology, get ready for bed and spend a half hour reading or doing some meditation to relax your mind and body.


  • Finally, make sure you prioritise your sleep! Sleep is often looked past as something that can be neglected when really, a good night sleep can change your entire outlook on your day. Making sure you get between 6 – 8 hours of sleep a night will definitely leave you feeling fresh and energised!
Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 07 November, 2014 cold, Heat Holders, National Sleep Comfort Month, November, sleep, thermals, warm feet, weather, winter, winter clothing |
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