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The weather outside is frightful!

Everyone dreams of a white Christmas and with the rate of our weather so far this winter, it looks like we are on for a magical snowy Christmas!

Despite how picturesque and beautiful snow looks, it can be a little dangerous when going about your daily life. To keep yourself safe, make sure you are wrapped up in thermals with your extremities covered – so hat, gloves and cosy socks are a must have for all the family, especially the little ones!

Make sure your house is warmed when you wake up first thing in the morning and then in the evening when all the family is home, there is nothing worse than trying to get out of bed when it is chilly. Keeping all the family filled full of hot drinks and food is a perfect way to ensure you don’t feel the freeze and you keep those seasonal colds at bay.

Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 09 December, 2014 2014, chilly, Christmas, December, festive spirit, freeze, gloves, hat, Heat Holders, magical, rain, season, seasonal, snow, socks, thermals, USA, warm, weather, white, wind, winter |
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