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Happy New Year!

Heat Holders wish our customers a Happy New Year in 2015, filled with happiness, healthiness and of course…warmth! January marks the start of a new chapter for everyone, leaving our Christmas indulgence behind us and braving an active lifestyle against the chilliness of the winter months ahead. Our work hard, play hard mantra demands us to wrap up warm, whatever the situation - whether it be in the office workplace, running a 5k or being cosy at home – it is essential to maintain our body’s normal temperature between 36 and 37C. The ultimate, top tip on keeping warm this winter….

Starts with your toes! Keeping your tootsies warm is essential for keeping cramp and Raynaud’s disease at bay due to the thin layer of skin covering our feet. The Heat Holders thermal socks provide insulation and therefore maximum warmth that cotton socks don’t hold. What’s more the TOG rating of 2.34 is proven to keep out the cold, making friends with your feet, not enemies! So don’t let the winter air stop you from making this year the best one yet!

Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 06 January, 2015 2015, Heat Holders, January, New Year, socks, thermals, USA, warm, weather, white, winter |
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