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Random Acts of Kindness Day

Tuesday 17th February is Random Acts of Kindness Day and whilst this might seem like “another national day that doesn't have any meaning”, here at Heat Holders we think this is a wonderful way to help us remember to go that extra mile and show some kindness to everyone we meet. With everyone still saving money after the Christmas and New Year binge, thinking of others isn't always a preference, however showing a little kindness will make you feel good too! Even if it’s smiling at a stranger in the street.

There are so many ways you can go the extra mile for family, friends and work colleagues, take a look at our list and see how you can show someone a random act of kindness!

  • Holding the door open for strangers
  • Making dinner, or lunch, or breakfast for your family… or all three!
  • Doing the tea round at work
  • Letting that car out of the intersection rather than steaming ahead
  • Helping the elderly pack their groceries at the supermarket
  • Sharing your sweet treats
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