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Look Forward to Summer on National Talk A Walk in the Park Day!

Step outside and fill your lungs with the great outdoors air! On Monday March 30, the nation ventures into local parks everywhere on National Take a Walk in the Park Day.

There is no excuse for you not being able to find your nearest park, whether you live in the city or the suburbs – urban parks that include your swings, seesaws and climbing frames provide a fun day out for the children, as much as the green, natural parks that allow the adults to stroll, run and cycle!

We advise you to bring along 3 top essentials that will make your day blissful!


  • Picnic Blanket – A walk in the park is incomplete without a delicious basket of food and once you’ve found the perfect sunny spot, a blanket is needed to keep you comfy. Our ‘Snuggle Up’/throw is so soft and luxurious that you may fall asleep! Find it here.


  • Camera – You have permission to get ‘snap happy’ and take as many selfies in the natural air as you wish. Don’t forget to get some shots of being active in the park too!


  • Your Buddy – A park is designed for friends, family and couples to be together, so share the love and have a giggle whilst you take in the scenic views.
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