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2018 Winter Olympics: Cheer In Style!

As the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea are in progress cheer on your country in style and warmth while rocking Heat Holders® flag socks. 

You can choose from USA or Canada flag slipper or non-slipper socks that are perfect to wear while lounging around the house or being outdoors watching your team in action and keeping your feet warm. 

Men's Flag Socks

Men's USA Flag Socks Men's USA Flag Slipper Socks

Men's Canada Flag Socks Men's Canada Flag Slipper Socks

 Ladies Flag Socks

Ladies USA Flag Socks Ladies USA Flag Slipper Socks

Ladies Canada Flag Socks Ladies Canada Flag Slipper Socks

 Show your country spirit in style with Heat Holders® Flag socks!

Posted by Anum L on 15 February, 2018
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