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Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is the UK’s most successful fundraiser, using comedy to help children and young people living in poverty. Begun in 1988, it has since become a national institution, raising over $100 million this year alone.

On May 21st Red Nose Day was held in the US for the first time ever! The day's events culminated in a three-hour entertainment TV special on NBC, including likes of Julia Roberts, Ed Sheeran and Anna Kendrick performing in a series of funny sketches.

One of the funniest skits saw Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin rehearsing a Game of Thrones musical based on the hit show. Other highlights included Oscar winner Helen Mirren performing as the night’s tea lady as well as leading Brit actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne in comic turns as stagehands.

The inaugaral event raised a phenomenal $21 million! Well done! To learn more, please visit the Red Nose Day website here:


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