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We discovered a truly heart-warming story about a fire victim and her rescuer who were reunited 17 years later….

A 9 month-old baby girl named Dawnielle Davison was engulfed in the flames of a house fire in north-central Washington when the Wenatchee Watch fire brigade was called to the scene. 

Captain of the watch, Mike Hughes, had an instinctive feeling that someone would be trapped in the house. He proceeded to enter and saved Dawnielle from a critical condition that left her moments from death.

This rescue was undoubtedly one of the highlights of Mike’s fire-fighting career and stayed with him the rest of his life.

The power of social media eventually put Mike back in touch with Dawnielle. Now aged 18 and a high school senior, Dawnielle invited Mike to her high school graduation.

Seeing Dawnielle graduate was a heartfelt moment for Mike. He sums up his feelings in an honest and heroic way: “That’s what my career and the fire service is all about”.

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