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Cute Kitten in Car Surprise

Imagine being so small, you could fit inside the engine compartment of a car and miraculously be pulled unharmed from a crash which destroyed the front of the car you were hiding in!

This is what happened to a tiny, stray tabby kitten who managed to sneak herself into a vehicle’s engine which was then involved in a crash on the Little Rock freeway, Arkansas.

The collision occurred on the morning of Thursday 9th July, and MEMS (Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services) crews that were attending the injured driver unexpectedly heard a noise from under the hood.

The driver of the car was presented with the unharmed kitten at the scene and was amazed at the uninjured tabby, claiming she “immediately fell in love”, asking to keep the little cat.

However, the lady’s injuries meant that she had to travel to the hospital, where the little kitten couldn’t go. Before leaving, she named the kitten ‘Hallelujah,’ Halle for short, and the MEMS workers said they’d look after the kitten at their Little Rock headquarters, until the woman was well enough to come pick Halle up.

Within the space of a day, the driver had been given a lift to pick up her new kitten, happy and excited to be bringing the cat home.

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