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9 year old raises money for her best friend’s skin condition

A 9 year old in Benton, Arkansas has raised $47, 000 for her sick best friend by making and selling bracelets on Facebook.

Bethany Walker’s best friend, Anne Marie Cox, suffers from a skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa that causes the skin to blister and burn off when there is any friction to trauma to the skin. Bethany wanted to help her best friend raise enough money to pay for a saltwater therapy pool which is renowned for easing the condition.

The family found it difficult to raise enough money for the pool so Bethany decided she was going to sell rubber band jewellery through her Facebook page “Bracelets by Bethany”. Within 19 weeks Bethany had risen a phenomenal $47, 000 that could buy Anne Marie a saltwater pool.

Now Anne Marie can play with her family and friends and not worry about her skin condition in the sun.

Entrepreneurial Bethany is now raising money for another family who have lost their Father and Son. What an inspirational young lady!




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