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Toy Animal Goes on Adventure Before Being Reunited With Owner!

We all have our comfort blankets and Dr. Annelies Vredeveld, with her beloved stuffed bulldog Boris, is no exception.

Dr. Vredeveld takes Boris everywhere on her travels, who acts as the perfect companion while she is away from home. Naturally, the legal psychologist from the Netherlands was upset when she lost her beloved toy at the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Canada.

Two weeks later, Boris was delivered ‘safe and sound’ to Dr. Vredeveld, who was amazed to discover that Boris had been taken on an adventure by the generous hotel staff – who had found him in time to celebrate Canada’s national holiday.

The hotel housekeeping manager, Gregory Polhd, penned a kind-hearted letter apologizing for the delay in finding Boris. As a special treat, the hotel staff were seen posing in snaps celebrating Canada Day with Boris at various locations surrounding the hotel grounds.

The funny gesture delighted Dr. Vredeveld: ‘We just started laughing my fiancé and I! The housekeeping manager went out of his way to do something special for me’.

Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 07 August, 2015 adventure, Boris, Canada, comfort blanket, Dr Vredeveld, Fairmont Empress Hotel, Heat Holders, stuffed bulldog |
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