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Teen Walks Again for Graduation

Caytie Gascoigne, high school senior from Tennessee, spent 3 weeks in a coma after a car accident that broke her back, neck, pelvis, legs and sternum. Her family were left wondering if she would ever wake up from her coma - and if so, would she ever be the same again?

With intensive care, little by little Caytie began to wake up. She was eventually moved to a rehabilitation centre where the recovery process began. Remarkably, after a long, gruelling and painful process Gascoigne went from needing a wheel chair, to a walker, to astonishingly walking on her own without a trace of a limp. Not only did Gascoigne successfully walk the stage at her high school graduation, she was also voted “Most Outstanding Senior Girl” and Prom Queen! These honors were a wonderful acknowledgment of what she had been through and how far she had come.

This story of a tremendously brave and inspiring individual shows what miracles can be achieved with faith and determination.

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