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Sheep avoided shearing by hiding in a cave

A happy story about a wooly sheep caught our eye today, and what a lovely story it is.

Shrek, the renegade sheep, escaped shearing for six whole years by hiding in a cave! The poor animal hated having his wool cut so much that he took shelter in a cave, with his owners finding him after six long years. It is thought the sheep knew he might need help from lack of vision, mobility issues or heat stress so made his way out into the open so he could be looked after.

What a naughty sheep! Click through here to look at the funny photos of the sheep before and after his hair cut. http://www.sunnyskyz.com/blog/985/Meet-Shrek-The-Renegade-Sheep-That-Avoided-Shearing-For-Six-Years-By-Hiding-In-A-Cave

Yesterday in Australia, another sheep called Chris was also found in the same delicate situation with an incredible 88lb of wool removed! The RSPCA said this was the heaviest haul of wool from one shearing! Chris even had to be sedated to ensure the shearing was safe for him.

Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 04 September, 2015 animal, Australia, cave, Chris, Heat Holders, New Zealand, renegade sheep, RSPCA, shearing, sheep, Shrek, USA, wool |
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