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8 year old creates local newspaper for community

Most children play in the park or with their friends after school, but Hilde Lysiak of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania spends her free time chasing local news stories and editing her own newspaper.

As the daughter of former Daily News reporter Matthew Lysiak, Hilde has an innate nose for news. She spent many days tagging along after her Dad as he covered big news stories.

Hilde first created her own newspaper on a notepad using crayons, even causing controversy in her own household! Her father said he found out his wife wanted a new car from Hilde’s newspaper!! As her ideas grew bigger, Hilde decided she wanted to produce a real newspaper that had real life stories in it.

The little girl joined borough council meetings and followed her neighbors around looking for juicy gossip and hard hitting news. Even Selinsgrove Mayor, Jeff Reed, loved Hilde’s enthusiasm and her newspaper!

Hilde doesn’t have dreams of becoming a journalist; instead she wants to have her own newspaper that is bigger than the Daily News!

We wish the best of luck to little Hilde Lysiak!

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