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Chef leaves high paying restaurant job to serve Salvation Army

Jeff Ansorge had everything he could have wished for – a near six figure salary, A list clientèle and a team of 17- but he left it all to help those less fortunate.

Working at the Capital Grille in Minneapolis, Ansorge had achieved his dreams of becoming an executive chef at a top end restaurant, and yet he didn’t feel any job satisfaction. After 12 years of being a chef, Ansorge took a 70% pay cut and accepted a job at the Salvation Army Eastside Corps Community Center. Despite giving up what he thought was his dreams, Ansorge says he is now more satisfied with life as he helps others and preaches daily about generosity and service.

Here at Heat Holders we love hearing about new ventures and how people are gaining satisfaction in life. Ansorge is a perfect example of this and we salute him for being so gracious!

Click here to watch a short video on Jeff Ansorge


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Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 08 October, 2015 chef, Salvation Army |
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