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Father of three raises money for charity with Spooky Halloween light show.

When the nights begin to draw in and the temperature begins to drop, many people take the opportunity to get cosy and relax indoors, but one Dad has been putting his Fall evenings to use helping others.

For the past two years, Brandon Bullis and his family have been creating a super spooktacular Halloween light and sound display at their own home in Leesburg, Virginia in order to raise money for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Centre over the Halloween period.

The show, named “Edwards Landing Lights”, runs from 7pm to 9pm every night and features music from Fall Out Boy and Macklemore. Mr. Bullis, who has training in electrical engineering, has synced the tunes to over 8,500 different lights and thanks to his outstanding efforts, the donation box outside the house had raised $10,000.

 Macklemore himself was so impressed by the fright light spectacle that he has tweeted his approval, which will no doubt help Mr Bullis raise even more money for the Children’s Centre.

Watch the video of the Bullis family’s eerie exhibition here:


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