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Soulmates reunited after meeting 30 years ago

When Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders began an innocent playground romance at their playschool in St. Petersburg, Florida, nobody expected the relationship to last. Like all childhood crushes, they went to different schools, grew up, and lived their separate lives.

But the pair have defied the odds when they crossed paths once more thirty years later, and falling for each other all over again.

Justin caught sight of Amy’s picture online, and felt an indescribable connection to her, which resulted in the two of them meeting up and realizing they had been perfect for each other all along.

“I saw her photo and for whatever reason, was instantly drawn to her. She just had this great energy, you could tell.”

It was only after a year of dating that Amy and Justin discovered that they had been one another’s sweetheart all those years ago.

“We asked our parents to dig up any preschool photos they had,” said Amy, “Justin’s mom found a photo of the two of us together and I just started crying, I was ecstatic.”

Who says there’s no such thing as true love!

Preschool and present day photos

Credit: Amy Giberson 


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