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Michigan Restaurant Spreads Hope For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to focus on family, community, and the importance of sharing, and one Michigan restaurant has taken the message a step further.

George’s Senate Coney Island will be serving free holiday dinners to make sure nobody finds themselves hungry, or eating alone this Thanksgiving.

Restaurant owner George Dimopoulos says this time of year makes him reflect on some difficult times in his life; Dimopoulous came to the United States from Greece, and has experienced homelessness. “The reason I do this is because I was alone one time… I remember the good times and bad times.”

George’s restaurant has been serving free Thanksgiving meals for over ten years, giving over up to 100 people each year a chance to enjoy a hot meal and an opportunity to feel included in the celebrations.

George also hopes that the gesture will inspire others to get involved with helping those less fortunate over the holiday, and reach out to someone in need, “I hope the whole country gives back. People really appreciate it.”

 Image from Imgur

Image from Imgur: http://imgur.com/gallery/2WlAumQ

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