7 Back to School Tips for Parents

It's almost time for kids to head back to school! As many kids may be dreading their first day back, we've compiled a list of tips for parents to help make the transition from summer vacation to back to the classroom a little easier. 

1. Get your kids involved in back to school shopping: Getting them involved by letting them pick out their school supplies or clothes will get them excited to go back to school so they can use their supplies and wear their new clothes! 

2. Set your kids sleep schedule back to "school time" a few days before school starts: It'll make it easier for them to get into the school routine and wake up in time on the first day. 

3. Involve the kids in creating and preparing their daily lunch menus: They'll be more keen to eat their lunch and it'll make your life easier in terms of trying to figure out what they like to eat! 

4. Have the kids set realistic goals for the new school year: It'll help them focus and work towards an end goal, giving them drive to do well in the school year. 

5. Visit the school with your kids: If your kids are just starting school, make a visit before school starts to get them comfortable with their new surroundings. Even if they aren't just starting, make a visit to their new classroom to make them feel at ease. 

6. Set up weekly meetings to review your kids schedules for the week: It'll help keep you organized for the week and help you plan ahead for any after school activities. 

7. Just breathe!: Sit back, relax and just take a breath! Back to school time can be a stressful one. Take a break and enjoy one last fun activity with your kids before they get busy with their daily school routines! 

Heat Holders® would like to wish all parents and kids a safe journey back to school!