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Kids invent a new way to help others make new friends

Pupils from Pennsylvania have gone the extra mile to make sure their playground is a pleasant space for their shyer classmates.

The children, from McIntyre Elementary School in Pittsburgh invented a ‘Buddy Bench’, a special area that students can use if they want to be included in playtime activities but feel too bashful to ask. Other children know to offer extra support to anyone who uses the bench, and Regina Farrell, the school counsellor, hopes that the bench will act as an anti-bullying tool.

"The school community, students, parents, and faculty understand that the buddy bench is a tool for kids to use to advocate for themselves, to always include others and to promote a safe, respectful and responsible environment for all children,"

The idea for bench was a result of a leadership session to help students with their confidence. The fourth grade class came up with the concept for the ‘Buddy Bench’, which has been installed since November 16th, with great results.

"Each day, I go to recess and see the buddy bench working," Farrell said. "The lessons they are learning now will benefit them their entire lives. It is simply a beautiful example of kids wanting to be kind and continue to be kind every day."


Kids and the buddy bench

Courtesy of Amanda Hartle - http://goo.gl/KSjOQg 

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