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Wool socks or Heat Holders®?

In the past few days we have received a few requests from customers, asking us if Heat Holders® contain any wool in them. The answer of course, is no! Heat Holders® are made using acrylic yarn. This is a special cashmere like acrylic yarn designed specially for Heat Holders®. It is soft, plush, offering support and comfort.

Acrylic is great at wicking away moisture, which is a big help, as this keeps your feet warm and not wet! Many people are sensitive to the scratchy nature of wool. I for one cannot stand to have wool next to my skin. Heat Holders® are a great alternative for those who cannot tolerate wool. Heat Holders® are also warmer than woollen socks. So if your skin is itching from that pair of woollen socks you are wearing, then give Heat Holders® a try!

Posted by Ajay R on 01 June, 2014 wool socks |
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