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California Community Revives the Christmas Spirit for Elderly Widow

After Natalie Conkel’s Christmas decorations were stolen, the elderly widow felt that festive spirit was thin on the ground in San Lorenzo, California.

However, her local community came together and decked Conkel’s home with new ribbons, wreaths, lights and bows whilst her son David took his mother out for dinner, to keep the wonderful gesture under wraps until her neighbors had completed their work.

Since Conkel’s husband died five years ago, she has had trouble celebrating Christmas, with this year being the first time she had felt able to truly enjoy the holidays since becoming a widow. When nearby Leslie Lewis was told of the robbery, she was determined not to let Conkel’s confidence become dented, and the neighborhood rallied round to do something truly special.

“We had tons of people dropping off decorations at my home every day leading up to the day we decorated her house.” Lewis said.

Cash totalling $500 was also raised to help Conkel cover her electrical bills, and when she returned home on the day of decoration, she was pleasantly surprised with carol songs by the local elementary school choir, as well as hot chocolate and other treats, all donated from local business.

“This is wonderful. I am really, really shocked and very grateful and very thankful to have much wonderful neighbors’ said Conkel, joyfully, “Now I can celebrate Christmas. Now it will be so much better.”

Taken from KTVU

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