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Heat Holders® are non-binding socks!

Heat Holders® are non-binding socks! A welcome relief for those with Diabetes, Raynaud's or other circulation problems.

Diabetes, Raynaud's, Frostbite, Hypothyroidism, Peripheral Vascular disease are among  a few medical conditions that result in cold feet. Feet can feel cold to the point of being painful.

Heat Holders® are made using a three stage process which helps trap warm air close to the skin to help keep feet warm for longer. The soft Cashmere like acrylic yarn is great at wicking away moisture. The long looped thermal pile along with the proprietary intense brushing process helps trap heat inside the socks to keep feet warm.

However people suffering from these conditions have one major concern. Poor blood circulation. And socks in general do not help foster good blood circulation because most are too tight and hamper blood circulation. Are Heat Holders® any different?

Yes! All Heat Holders® socks are made using Gentle Grip™ technology which is non-binding. In most cases people suffering from the above conditions will find that wearing Heat Holders® will not be detrimental to blood circulation! So here is a sock that is the warmest sock in the world and non-binding as well!

Heat Holders® has sold more than 10 million pairs worldwide and we have received countless testimonials from people suffering with Diabetes, Raynaud's and other conditions telling us how Heat Holders® have been a help to them.

We encourage our customers to share their stories with us, so others who are looking for relief from their ailments can have the confidence to try Heat Holders® and improve their quality of life.

Some reviews from our customers:

I have type 2 diabetes and my feet are always so uncomfortably cold that I can't sleep at night without two or three pairs of socks on. I got the Heat Holders socks and they are wonderful. They are so comfortable and warm. I wear a pair every day. They haven't stretched out and fallen down like others have done. I was so thrilled with my first pair I ordered two more. Thank you these were the answer to my prayers. Algoma, WI.

I have Raynaud's and, until I got a pair of Heat Holders, often had trouble sleeping due to the two ice blocks at the end of my legs. My feet have thawed out now. Kate K.

Love them... I have rheumatoid arthritis and they keep the joints in my feet lovely and warm making them less painful. Debbie M.

Posted by Ajay R on 04 November, 2014 Circulation, Diabetes, Raynauds |
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