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Tennessee cop receives the gift of life from co worker

When Police Sgt. Burrel “Chip” Davis found out his kidneys were failing, there were worries that he might not get to see his two daughters grow up. However, the 40 year old from La Vergne, Tennessee found a guardian angel in his colleague, Officer Eric Crowder.

Not only are the two men co-workers, but they are best friends, and when Crowder found out about Davis’ illness, he was more than happy to step up to the plate, and donated one of his kidneys to Davis, “I’m glad I was blessed to be a blessing to him,” Crowder said.

The men’s daughters are also close friends, and they were one of the key motivations for Crowder’s decision, as he didn’t want the young girls to grow up without their father. Luckily, Crowder and Davis were a perfect match, and the surgery took place at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville.

The La Vergne Police Department commented on the procedure, and confirmed everything seems to be going well, “They are both out of surgery and in recovery. Everything is fine so far, so hopefully they can bounce back and Sgt. Davis can carry on.”

Watch the video to hear more about Davis and Crowder’s touching story.


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