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Baltimore teens paid to shovel snow for the elderly and disabled

The City of Baltimore saw its largest snowfall ever last week, reaching an incredible 27 inches!

To help out their elderly and disabled residents of the city, a program called The City Youth Snow Program, was set up in order for teenagers to make pocket money as well as to assist in keeping the streets snow free!

The program uses a phone app to connect the teenagers to shovelling jobs within a few blocks of their house and prompts them to take and submit a photo of the cleared area once they have finished the job.

Paying $10 an hour means the teenagers can make up to $750 over the duration of the winter months.

17 year old Aiesha Johnson said, "Yesterday my back was killing me. My back and my legs. But that was it. I'm good, I like it. It helps more people out."

Watch the video below to see some of the teenagers clearing up the snow:


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