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Los Angeles Restaurant Hosts A Very Special Surprise Guest

When staff at The Marine Room restaurant, Los Angeles, arrived to open up in the morning, they were surprised to find they already had a guest waiting to dine.

An underweight female sea lion pup had made its way from the beach, and entered through a door left open by cleaners, before settling itself into one of the seating booths.

The young animal was dazed and lethargic when a rescue team from SeaWorld San Diego arrived to remove the pup. At only 20 pounds and estimated to be around eight months old, the pup was less than half the average weight for its age, and was clearly very hungry.

The baby sea lion, named Marina, is receiving professional care from the SeaWorld Team, who are dealing with her wounded left eye and helping her regain her strength, as senior care specialist Kevin Robinson explains, “She’s pretty content right now, she’s getting along great. She’s had a few good meals and plenty of buddies.”

Whilst the SeaWorld Team are optimistic that the pup will make a good recovery, her visit will certainly leave an impression on the staff at The Marine Room, “Maybe she thought we were open for high-tide breakfast, but we weren't,” said manager Matt Caponi, “We told her to come back at the weekend.”


Posted by Ajay R on 11 February, 2016 act of kindess, animals, helping, kindness, making life warmer, Marina the seal, rescue, seal, USA, wildlife |
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