8 Tips to Host an Unforgettable BBQ

Spring/Summer is a time to enjoy the sunshine and gather with family and friends. With the warm weather, nothing is better than having a good old fashioned BBQ party. Here are 8 tips that will ensure your next BBQ bash is unforgettable!

1. Prep the day before

Marinate the meats, bake the desserts, prepare the side dishes, etc. the night before to ease the preparation the day of. Don't forget to check that you have enough dishware (or paper plates), buns or condiments! 

2. Make sure the grill is ready ahead of time

It's never a good idea to do grill maintenance the day of the BBQ! Make sure any maintenance that the grill needs, such as cleaning or any repairs, is done ahead of time to avoid any disappointments. As well, if your grill takes a while to heat up, start it before the guests arrive. 

3. Keep the menu simple

Don't overdo it with the menu as you don't want to be spending majority of your time in the kitchen and not mingling with family and friends! Keep it simple and classic with hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw and/or potato salad. Make sure to have some vegetarian options available as well. 

4. Have guests bring a food dish 

Don't hesitate to ask guests to bring a dish each to help out with the food menu. It'll take a load off your hands and will help bring variety to the food spread! 

5. Keep bugs away

Nothing ruins an outdoor party than mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. Have plenty of bug repellent handy for guests and light up citronella candles around the food to prevent bug attacks. Happy guests means a fun party! 

6. Have outdoor games/activities

To keep guests entertained, have some outdoor games or activities. Games and activities such as outdoor twister, badminton, photo booth or water balloons are a great way to get your guests to mingle and enjoy their evening. 

7. Curate a playlist 

There's no BBQ party without some good music! Make sure to have at least 50 to 100 fun and laid back songs to keep the night going. 

8. Have Fun

Last but not least, let yourself loose and have fun! Mingle with all the guests and don't stress about what's going right or wrong. Just enjoy the moment.