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87 Year old builds stunning tribute to his sick wife

They say love conquers all, and this certainly rings true for 87 year old Gerald LeSiege and his wife. After sixty years of marriage, the couple were devastated when Mrs LeSiege was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but Mr LeSiege was determined to bring a smile to his wife’s face every single day regardless of her illness.

Mr. LeSiege took up woodworking as a way to pass the time and help him cope as he became his wife’s caretaker, and it soon became obvious that he had a natural flair for the hobby. Since he and his wife used to enjoy going on vacation in Europe before Mrs LeSiege’s illness, Mr LeSiege decided to create a beautiful five foot cathedral complete with lights, glass windows and a working clock.

Mr LeSiege hopes that his fabulous construction will help remind his wife of the happy times they had travelling together,  “What got to our heart, and made us feel real warm and close, was all of the architectural beauty of Europe”, says Mr LeSiege.

Although Mrs LeSiege has sadly become inverbal, she often admires the miniature, and smiles every time she sees it.

Watch the video below to check out Mr LeSiege’s incredible miniature cathedral!

Posted by Francesca Bonfiglio on 20 July, 2016
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