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Adorable penguin given wetsuit to combat feather loss

Birds tend to lose their feathers together and at the same points in the year, so it became quite a mystery when a female Adélie penguin at SeaWorld began shedding her feathers when her fellow inhabitants weren’t. At Orlando’s famous SeaWorld, the Empire of the Penguin exhibit noticed that the poor little bird, known by the name of Wonder Twin had trouble regulating her body temperature in the cold climate due to the feather loss.

Penguins are highly social birds, they swim and feed in groups so the loss of feathers meant that she couldn’t interact with penguin companions. This soon prompted SeaWorld’s specialist aviculture team to create a custom made wetsuit. The suit was designed to imitate the natural warmth that her insulating feathers would naturally provide.

Now Wonder Twin is able to swim, eat and play with her pals without being at risk of losing body heat.

One of SeaWorld’s aviculturists, TJ Dray was pleased with the team’s efforts, “Being able to make that kind of a difference for her is really cool.”

Maria Barreto, a wardrobe craftsperson at SeaWorld, described designing the wetsuit as the “best project” she had ever been involved in. She later added: “I'm happy that everything is going okay, and that she can wear it and keep warm.”

Wonder Twin showcasing her special wetsuit


Posted by Ajay R on 04 November, 2016
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