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May is Arthritis Awareness Month

Arthritic Knee

The month of May marked the beginning of Arthritis Awareness across the United States. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the condition affects 1 in 5 adults in the country. Arthritis is a condition that is caused due to the inflammation of one or more body joints and affects millions of people around the world. It’s the leading cause of disability in the United States and affects working-age adults, seniors and even young children.   

Many people who suffer from the condition experience joint pain and stiffness. There are several natural approaches one can try to help alleviate the pain:

  1. Get Active – As tedious as it may sound, exercise will help kick your muscles and joints into action. Regular movement of the muscles and joints helps to maintain flexibility. Perform low-impact activities, such as swimming and water aerobics, to flex the joints and ease the pain.
  1. Keep Warm – Keep your joints warm to ease the stiffness. Taking warm showers or baths can make a difference, as well as using an electric blanket or heating pad at night to keep your joints loose. As well, consider using Heat Holders® joint warmers or thermal socks as they provide maximum warmth that will aid your stiff joints. Our customers who suffer from Arthritis, have been very pleased with the outcome!
  1. Get a Massage – A massage has several benefits for easing Arthritis. It helps reduce joint pain and stiffness, as well as improving one’s range of motion. Consider scheduling an appointment with a massage therapist regularly to help cope with the joint discomfort.
  1. Manage weight – Weight can have an impact on the amount of pain your joints experience. Extra weight adds extra pressure on your joints, especially the knees and the hips. Managing your weight will reduce the amount of stress your joints experience, prevent future damage and help alleviate the pain.
  1. Quit Smoking – Some may use smoking as a coping method to deal with the pain, but it makes it worse. The toxins found in smoke cause stress on the connective tissue, leading to joint pain. So, if you’re an avid smoker and suffer from arthritic pain, consider quitting!

Along with these tips, share the warmth of Heat Holders® with your loved ones that suffer from Arthritis to help make their lives comfortable and warmer!   

For more information regarding Arthritis, please visit the Mayo Clinic.

Posted by Anum Lone on 12 May, 2017
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