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Driver saves 20 children from a burning bus

Maryland school bus driver Reneita Smith had a traumatic incident this week when her school bus caught fire. She took charge of the scary situation and led all 20 school children on board to safety as quickly as possible, one by one. Smith then returned to the burning bus to double check that all of the students were out.

The fire started in one of the rear wheels and spread rapidly to the entire bus. In seconds the whole thing was in flames. It’s still unclear exactly how the fire actually started but the main thing is that no one was hurt, and that’s all down to Reneita.

“I got my babies, and I got off the bus. But it didn't sit right with me, I had to make sure every last body on that bus was accounted for. I ran back in.

“I didn't see other people's children. I saw my children. I'm a mom, so I just did what a mom would do, and I got my babies off the bus.”

Reneita Smith and burning bus

Posted by Ajay R on 22 September, 2016
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