Survival Guide for Back to College

It’s back to college season! For many students, it’s an exciting time as they embark on a new chapter of their lives and move away from home. If they’re living away from home for the first time, chances are your son/daughter doesn’t know what they need. As parents, you want to make sure your son/daughter packs all the correct necessities required to survive and succeed the college year. Before they head off, use this checklist to make sure they’ve packed the items needed to thrive this college year.

1. Bedding

A great sleep is essential for student success in the classroom and for that to happen, they’ll need great bedding for their dorm room. Bedding sets that include sheets, pillowcases and a comforter are an easy way to purchase the basics. Clean sheets contribute to a great night’s rest!

Dorm rooms are not the cleanest of places, as many students are moving in and out each year. To ensure cleanliness, pack a mattress covering as well to ensure no germs are transmitted. Dorm HVAC systems aren’t always the most functional. You’ll need a blanket to keep you warm and cozy when the heating system isn’t working right on those cool nights. Even slipper socks will do the trick in keeping your feet nice and toasty!  

2. Electronics

Gone are the days of taking notes in a notebook! Presently in college, having a laptop is key to note taking, completing assignments and overall organization. There are plenty of laptop models out there, but there’s no need to invest in a top notch one. Save money and purchase a simple model that will allow you to perform essential tasks. Tablets are another option for those who prefer something more versatile and easier to carry around.

If your son/daughter will be living off campus, owning a printer will be handy. A wireless printer is a great option as it’s simple to use and there’s no clutter of cords. As well, you can print from anywhere in the house with a wireless printer. No need to worry about plugging it in to your laptop!

Additionally, having a portable hard drive on hand would be very beneficial. Most laptops don’t have a large storage capacity, which could cause problems when it comes to saving larger assignments. A portable hard drive will free up space on the laptop, improving its performance speed.

3. Outdoor Gear

In college, not all classes are within the same building. Students usually trek building to building for classes, meaning they must step outside most times throughout the day. In the colder months, it can be dreadful! However, having a toasty warm jacket and hats & gloves will make the walk across campus much bearable.  

Warm thermal socks will help in keeping your feet warm in your shoes or boots while walking around in the freezing temperatures. The last thing you need to worry about during the school year is suffering from a frost bite due to not having proper socks!

Wearing thermals underneath clothing is also a game saver in keeping your body toasty in the cold! For students who do a lot of walking out on campus, thermals are a necessity. 

4. School Supplies

The most important essentials to any school year – school supplies! Though most assignments are completed on computers these days, you’ll still need the basics such as pencils, pens, notebooks, etc. when you need to quickly write down notes, or for studying.

Depending on your studying style, index cards are beneficial. They’re useful in creating flash cards out of studying material that’ll aid in retaining information easily and quicker. As well, you can get your friends to help you out by using the cards to quiz your knowledge!

A nice way to stay organized is investing in a calendar. With smartphones, most may use the one on their phones, but a physical calendar provides a great quick reference to what day of the week it is and what social activities, assignments, or exams are scheduled for the week and month, allowing you to plan ahead.

5. General Items

Backpacks are always a great way to keep organized and to carry your items. A light backpack would be ideal as you’ll be carrying it around for majority of the day. Make sure it has enough room for your laptop, notebook and other essentials.

Not a must have but noise cancelling headphones are a great investment. They are great to use when you’re in noisy areas or live in a dorm with a roommate. It’ll block our excess noise, allowing you to concentrate. If noise cancelling headphones are too much, consider earplugs.

Bringing your bike to college will be a great way to get around campus, especially if it’s large and spaced out. It’ll get you around quicker and, on a plus side, will keep you healthy! As well, you can use your bike to get around places off campus, allowing you to save money on local transportation.

Starting college can be a nerve wrecking and exciting time.The key to success during the school year is to keep organized and make sure you have all the necessities required. Don’t miss packing any essentials by following the list! Heat Holders® wishes all students starting or heading back to college a very successful year!