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Spring 101: Heat Holders® Essentials for the Spring Season

Tulips have sprung, birds are singing their joyful chirps, the air is full of freshness and Easter is here, meaning Spring has officially bloomed!

Although the weather is expected to get warmer, there is still a cool breeze in the air as the temperatures adjust. It’s still the perfect weather to stay warm with your Heat Holders® while enjoying your favorite spring activities!

Not sure how to incorporate Heat Holders® into your outdoor spring gear? Here are a few suggestions:

Men’s/Ladies Ribbed Boot Socks: These are the perfect socks to wear with your boots while gardening outside or enjoying any other outdoor activity during the chilly spring weather. The extra long length and cuffing provide relief to those with cold feet!

Men's Ribbed Boot SocksLadies Ribbed Boot Socks

Ladies Wellington Boot Socks: Similar to the Ribbed Boot Socks, the Ladies Wellington Boot Socks have a soft, decorative fold-over cuff, providing an element of style to your Wellingtons or any boot! They are extra long length, providing warmth for your feet and legs.

Ladies Wellington Boot Socks in IndigoLadies Wellington Boot Socks in Purple

Younger/Older Children Socks: The kids are excited to play outside but the weather's still a bit cold and wet. The younger and older children socks will do the trick as they are super warm and soft, allowing your little ones to enjoy the great outdoors without complaining about cold feet. The best part - they come in various fun colors for the kids to choose from!

Younger Children Socks in IndigoYounger Children Socks in Pink

Men’s/Ladies Microfleece Base Layer Top: The lightweight Microfleece Base Layer Top is a perfect addition to your spring workout gear. It provides just the right amount of warmth when going for jogs in the cool, crisp spring mornings.

Ladies Microfleece Base Layer TopMen's Microfleece Base Layer Top

Heat Holders® aren't just for the winter months. Rock your Heat Holders® to combat the cool breeze of Spring as well!

Posted by Anum Lone on 13 April, 2017
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