Foot Care Tips for the Summer

It's summer time and it's time to let your toes out to feel the fresh air. However, it's not a pretty sight when you have neglected feet and unkempt toes! To help get your feet summer perfect, Heat Holders® found some great tips to get your feet in shape.

1. Don't walk around barefoot: You may be tempted to kick off your sandals and walk around barefoot, but try to avoid it! Public pools, showers and bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Do your feet a favor and keep those flip flops on to avoid getting any foot fungus!

2. Get a pedicure: A pedicure is a great way to keep your feet and toes in shape. Head to your local nail salon to have your feet taken care of. For the men out there, there's no shame in getting a pedicure - minus the polish of course! 

3. Moisturize: To keep your feet healthy, moisturizing is key! There are numerous foot creams and balms on the market that'll help keep your skin soft and smooth. Grab that foot lotion and get moisturizing! 

4. Stay hydrated: We've been told many times staying hydrated is important in skin care. That applies to foot care as well! To prevent swelling in your feet in the heat of summer, make sure to drink plenty of fluids. 

5. Wash your feet regularly: Washing your feet is an important factor in foot care. Many think letting your feet get wet in the shower is enough, but that's not the case! Give them a good scrub to remove any debris or dirt at the end of the day for nice clean feet. 

To have nice, sandal ready feet, be sure to follow the above tips! How do you keep your feet summer ready?