Give Your Movie-Loving Friends and Family Members the Gift of Thermal Gear This Fall

At Heat Holders, we love to watch movies all year round, but, there is no better season for binge-watching movies than fall. Nothing beats getting wrapped up in a cotton thermal blanket, popping a bag of popcorn and throwing on your favorite films on an autumn afternoon.

If you and your friends are movie fanatics like we are, then you most likely enjoy wearing film-inspired clothing. However, many people want to switch it up from traditional articles like t-shirts and hoodies.

If you look hard enough, you can find a wide variety of different types of movie-related garments. Why not look for pieces of movie-inspired thermal clothing this fall? 

These articles of clothing are excellent gifts for movie buffs who seem to have it all, so, if you need some last-minute presents for your movie-loving friends, be sure to grab these awesome thermal socks.

But, before going through the list below, you should take the time to learn why wearing thermal clothing is so beneficial.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Thermal Clothing?

In case you’ve never heard of it before, thermal clothing is a term for high-quality garments that have the sole purpose of keeping your body warm. These garments are made with a unique knitting technology allowing the gear to draw moisture away from your body. Additionally, these pieces of clothing are form-fitting, which means that they can minimize the amount of air circulation around your body.

At Heat Holders, we offer an enormous selection of thermal products including thermal hats and gloves for kids and we genuinely care about keeping people warm. To prove how much we care, we’ve developed a number of unique techniques that make our products objectively warmer and comfier to wear. Some of these include our patented knitting technology and looping methods. These techniques allow us to raise the TOG rating of our children's non-licensed socks, which helps them to stay comfortable all day long.

Now that you know why thermal clothing is the perfect addition to your fall movie marathons, feel free to take a look at these Star Wars, Marvel and Disney thermal socks for kids and adults of all ages.

1 – Star Wars Movies

Anyone that loves science fiction movies is most likely familiar with the Star Wars film series. This popular movie series began in the late-70s and has skyrocketed to success ever since. It is the perfect series for people who enjoy science, space and action films.

If you want to feel like your favorite character from the series, then you need to look the part, so be sure to scroll through our collection of thermal Star Wars socks for men this fall. These garments offer all of the benefits of our traditional thermal socks; however, they also sport a flashy Star Wars-themed logo. When you wear these garments, you’ll notice a number of valuable benefits including:

  • Extra support which is thanks to our long pile cushioning.
  • Extremely soft to the touch, making them perfect for people with sensitive skin.
  • Thoroughly brushed interior, allowing the garments to trap in more warm air.
  • Non-binding, making them the number one choice for diabetics.

Whether you or your friends are just getting into the series or have been watching the films for decades, we guarantee that you will enjoy the movies even more when you wear these men's slipper socks.

2 – Marvel Movies

Throughout the past few years, movie theaters have been filled with outstanding superhero films, especially from companies like Marvel. Regardless of your age, these films have likely amazed and inspired you at one point or another. This is because the company has created a long list of iconic characters such as the Hulk, Spiderman and Captain America.

If you grew up reading comic books, have fallen in love with the movies or just want to stay comfortable this fall, then you need to take a look at our collection of thermal Marvel socks before they are all gone.

These cozy slipper style socks have a TOG rating of 2.34, which is everything you need and more from of a piece of thermal gear. Not to mention, these garments are made out of a high-quality bulk yarn which has several warming properties. 

If you’re a parent, you need to know that these garments are essential for children that love to run around the house. This is because these garments come with a useful feature called non-slip grippers. These grips are made out of a sticky material, making them perfect for walking on slippery tiles or hardwood flooring. This means that these slipper socks with grippers will not only keep you warm, but they will also keep you safe.


3 – Disney Movies

There is no denying that Disney movies bring out the kid in everyone, especially the Heat Holders team. It is easy to spend an entire day watching classic and modern Disney films. We love these films so much that we offer a variety of thermal Disney socks for women and children, which are perfect for movie-lovers of all ages. 

Although you truly can’t go wrong with any Disney film, we are particularly fond of the classic princess movies, with our personal favorite being Cinderella. However, our crew members are also big fans of modern Disney films like Frozen. This is why we offer a handful of Disney princess themed garments. These garments come in a wide range of colors and sizes. They also sport a variety of different embellishments, making the socks enjoyable to wear around the house.

At Heat Holders, we work hard to make sure that you look and feel your best when you’re wearing our products. This is why our team has put together a number of movie-inspired garments for you and your friends to enjoy. If you are planning on having a movie marathon this fall, you need to take a look at our fun movie-inspired lines. We guarantee that you’ll love our products as much as you love the movies!