Joint Warmers Back in Stock!

Heat Holders® Joint Warmers are back in stock just in time for the cold season! The cold can cause discomfort and swelling on the joints, but with Heat Holders® Joint Warmers, your joints will be provided the warmth that is needed for them to survive the winter weather. 

They are made for legs, knees and elbows with a stretch knit that will accommodate most joints. The specially mixed blend of heavy bulk yarn cushions and warms joints, helping keeping them flexible and supple.

Just like our warmest thermal socks, the Joint Warmers are intensively brushed inside, allowing the surface area to hold in more heat longer against the skin. We have had amazing feedback from customers in regards to our joint warmers! Here's what they've had to say:

"My legs particularly my calves get very cold at night. I already sleep with thick white athletic socks but they just weren’t covering my calves. I recently bought a pair of Heat Holder joint protectors. I wear them on my legs and they are great. They stay in place and keep my calves warm all night. They could also be worn over knees or on arms. I highly recommend."Robin G.

"I was diagnosed with RA and when my joints flare up I put them on my elbows and they work wonders. My daughter brought me my first pair and I brought another pair." - Shirley F. 

"This is my second pair of these. I wear them to bed. I wear them over a leg brace I wear! They are amazing!!!"Deidra L. 

"Just finished 5 days of snow skiing with a pair for my wife and I and they worked great." - Mark W. 

"I bought these for my partner who experiences joint pain during cold weather. Doctors have been unable to pin point the cause of the pain and heat seems to be the only thing that has any effect. He's been wearing these joint warmers and says it helps immensely in alleviating the pain. So happy to have found these." - Claire M. 

"I purchased these joint warmers for my 92 year old mother. My mother has very bad arthritis in her knees and not only did the warmers provide support but they also provided much needed warmth to the joint area."Marybeth W. 

Help yourself or someone you know by getting a pair of Heat Holders® Joint Warmers to keep your joints warm! It'll make a perfect gift as well for this holiday season!