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Kitten saved from Hurricane Matthew ruins

If one of your beloved fluffy creatures was in trouble it’s comforting to know that there are many animal lovers out there that would want to rescue them back to safety. A tiny kitten from North Carolina was found after Hurricane Matthew hit and was taken to Petsmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital.

The small, furry animal was later taken to ‘Petco’ with a chance of being adopted. The staff created a cute little sweater made from a knitted sock to keep the kitten warm and cosy. Of course, this made him even more adorable than before so a customer passing by took a quick snap and uploaded it to twitter. Little did they know that it would make the cat a viral star – so far there have been more than 70,000 retweets on the kitten’s post!

The employees knew that it wouldn’t be long before the kitten became a new family addition. A customer with two small children were approached by a shop worker, who thought that they would be a perfect match.

'You guys are looking for a cat?'

Only moments later the young man had invited his wife in and had fallen in love with the kitten. They bought pet supplies right there and then and took him home with them.

Kitten found in Hurricane Matthew ruins wearing a sweater sock

Posted by Ajay R on 14 October, 2016 Cute, Heat Holders, Hurricane Matthew, Kitten, North Carolina, Rescue |
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