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Miracle woman regains sight after 20 years of being blind

After suffering a car crash in 1993, spinal injuries caused Mary Ann Franco to lose her sight. Despite escaping with her life - Mary was completely blind, "all I could see was blackness" she recalled.

More than 20 years later, after taking a fall and hurting herself, Franco underwent surgery to ease the pain she felt in her arm and neck. The operation was a roaring success; in more ways than one.

Upon waking up from surgery, Mary realized she had regained her vision. Not only that - but she was no longer colorblind, which she had been all her life.  

Now known as the 'miracle woman', it is not known exactly how Franco regained her sight. Neurosurgeon Dr John Ashfar suggested that it may have been a result of unkinking a blood vessel. Ashfar said “When we performed the surgery itself, we may have unkinked a blood vessel, restoring blood flow."

Whatever caused this miracle, Mary is ecstatic describing herself as “the happiest woman in the whole world." Watch Franco’s reaction to seeing again after more than twenty years!


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