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Mulled Wine Oversized Throws Back in Stock!

As Fall is around the corner and the nights are starting to get chilly, you’ll need a blanket to keep you cozy and warm!

We’d like to announce that the Heat Holders® Oversized Throws/Blankets are back in stock in the color Mulled Wine! The blankets are highly efficient in retaining heat to provide you with the ultimate warmth with its luxurious soft fur fleece and large enough to be wrapped around during the chilly nights by the fireplace. Heading to college/university? Take a Heat Holders® blanket with you to bring a pop of color to your dorm room and to keep you cozy while you study! You won’t regret it.

Mulled Wine

They make perfect gifts to give to your loved ones and are available in six other colors as well! You don’t have to worry about any special washing instructions as they are 100% machine washable.

Heat Holders® Oversized Throws/Blankets will provide you with the warmth you’ve been missing and definitely will make your life warmer!  

Posted by Anum Lone on 31 August, 2017
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