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Now Available: New Heat Holders® Styles

As the love for Heat Holders® continues to grow with our customers, new styles of socks are now available just in time for the cold season!

There are many styles to choose from and something for everyone. Heat Holders® is continuing to spread its warmth into the hearts of many!

Ladies/Men’s Cream Block Twist LITE Socks: The cream block twist style is now available in a LITE version. With the same colors available as the original, the LITE is designed to provide thermal protection and comfort in a medium thick profile. They’re ideal to wear in casual shoes or boots!

Ladies Cream Block Twist LITE socks - BerryMen's Cream Block Twist LITE socks - Navy

Ladies/Men’s Twist Long LITE Socks: Long socks now available in a medium thick profile! If the original long sock is too warm, the LITE long sock will provide you with just the perfect amount of warmth. They’ll fit well in your boots too!  

Ladies Twist Long LITE socks - Denim/Cream Men's Twist Long LITE socks - Navy/Denim

Men’s Twist Long Socks: If you are tired of the solid colored long length socks, the twist color are the ones for you! They provide the same warmth as the solid colored long length socks. The difference is in the two-colored yarns that are woven together to create the twist style. As well, they are great for spending time outdoors in the colder months.

Men's Twist Long Socks - Black Men's Twist Long Socks - Brown

Ladies Jacquard Pattern/Stripe/Long LITE Socks: The LITE socks are now available in fun, trendy patterns and colors! They’ll make great additions to your fall/winter wardrobe to brighten up any outfit. There are plenty of patterns and colors to choose from! 

Ladies Jacquard Pattern LITE socks - Tonal/Deep Fuschsia Ladies Jacquard Stripe LITE socks - Pink

Ladies Jacquard Long LITE socks - Black.Charcoal Hearts

Men’s Jacquard Pattern/Stripe LITE Socks: Just like the Ladies Jacquard styles, they are also available for Men in various patterns and stripes. 

Men's Jacquard Pattern LITE socks - Charcoal/Grey Argyle Men's Jacquard Stripe LITE socks-Black/Red

Men’s Twist Long/Long Stripe Slipper Socks: In addition to the solid long slipper sock styles, men now have two additional styles to choose from. Both styles provide the same warmth and comfort as the original solid long slipper socks.

Men's Twist Long Slipper Socks - Navy Men's Twist Long Stripe Slipper Socks - Black

Ladies Twist Stripe Ankle Slipper Socks: Can’t decide whether to get the stripe or twist style? Now you can have the best of both styles! They provide the same warmth and comfort as the other Heat Holders® ankle socks and have non-slip grips at the bottom as well.

Ladies Twist Stripe Ankle Slipper Socks - Indigo/Deep Fuschia Ladies Twist Stripe Ankle Slipper Socks - Charcoal/Raspberry

Rock the new styles of Heat Holders® and gift your feet the warmth they deserve! 

*All styles are available in multiple colors and watch our website for new styles that will be arriving all season long!

Posted by Anum L on 04 October, 2017
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